Company Details

Incorporated in 2003, Global Furniture Solutions Vietnam Co. Ltd. is a sole-proprietary company, owned and operated by Leslie W. Matheson, a full-time resident of Vietnam. Structurally, GFS Vietnam is constituted by two individual business-units, the manufacturing facility & showroom located in Binh Duong Province, and the agency office, centrally located in Binh Thanh District, both in Ho Chi Minh City.

Producing solid-timber bedroom, occasional dining-room furniture and lounge suites the production facility supplies local and international furniture buyers with what has been called by industry-people ‘the highest-quality furniture to be found in Asia’.

The agency office supplies local and international furniture & accessory buyers with a product-sourcing and quality-control service, resourcing manufacturers from all over Vietnam.  Timely delivery of a quality product, precisely to specification, is guaranteed by the maintenance of a comprehensive manufacturer data-base and thorough on-site quality inspections.

Cumulatively, GFS Vietnam provides, in line with its Mission Statement, the furniture industry globally with a comprehensive supply solution, ensuring quality, price-competitiveness and reliable, timely delivery.


Product Specifications

The manufacturing process itself is a unique combination of new and innovative technology, superimposed upon traditional and timeless method.  The GFS Vietnam cabinetry is manufactured in predominantly solid-timber, using a traditional dove-tail joining method, 16mm drawer-boxes with 6mm ply bases, and steel ball-bearing double-extension runners.  Only steel hard-ware is used throughout the product range, guaranteeing the products quality and longevity.  Where price is a consideration, quality veneers are also implemented, although the vast majority of the GFS Vietnam product is manufactured using only solid timber.  The product range itself varies from classic ‘farm-house’ through French-Colonial to modern-contemporary, however the presence and efforts of the design and auto-cad teams ensure that no matter what a client’s design-aspirations may be, GFS Vietnam can realise them.